A Brief History of Online betting and types of Online Gambling

The world of sports betting has become as vast as it is fascinating. Online betting (or) Online Gambling is the activity of predicting the result of any sports or games and exchanging money through the profit out of the result. Online Betting includes poker, casinos, sports betting etc. Antigua and Barbuda are the West Indian Islands, during early 90’s has passed the Free Trade act allowing licenses to the organizations that have registered for online gambling. In Late 1990s, online betting has started gaining popularity. Micro gaming was the company which was responsible for creating new, fully functional gambling software.

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The types of Online betting and the countries that have legalized it

Sports Betting, Bingo are the types of betting available online that hold responsible for increase in revenue across the world. The exchange of money happens in the form of crypto currency, traditional electronic money transfer etc. Though online betting is spread across the world, there are countries which declared this kind of sport as illegal.

Norway, Hong Kong is the few countries that have legalized online betting and countries like Afghanistan, Algeria have banned them. There are lot more countries that have legalized online gambling and banned them as well. Decades ago the money transfer has been done electronically and now crypto currency plays a vital role in revenue generation and exchange of money online. Online betting has both good and ugly sides. It makes people get addicted, make them lazy and sometimes end up giving up lives. As a good citizen of any country; it is our duty to not fall prey for any fraudulent activities.